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Here's what people are saying about the
Alberta Men's Hockey League...

On behalf of the team, we are very pleased with the how the league is run. You and your cohorts do a very professional job. Many of us have played in other leagues and they do not operate with the same standards as the AMHL. Keep up the good work.
             - Jon A., Desperados

Appreciate your ongoing efforts to manage the league in a fashion that provides structure, yet keeps a focus on the main reason we all play; having fun.
             - Wes H., Rogues

   It's a very well run league. Extremely organised. You are always available to ask questions and give excellent customer service.
               - Tyler S.


I would like to say thank you for allowing us to enter into the AMHL, we have notice considerable change. We appreciate you accommodating us this winter.
                 - Allblacks

I was very impressed by the professionalism and pride you guys show in operating this league. We are really looking forward to the upcoming season.
                        - Dean C., Mailmen

 I really want to commend you for turning the AMHL into the premier Alberta Men's Hockey League in the Edmonton area. The enforcement of the rules, the day to day stats, the new Smartphone app (all awesome!!). Just the general feeling of everything associated with this league. It feels "cleaned up" and more professional now. Great job!
I personally have been running a team with Lonny (Crossbow Vipers) for many years now and ever since you guys took over, I've seen the improvements every year. So WE ALL thank you for that.
              - Rod C., Crossbow Vipers

Last night was one of the best officiated games I have played in a men's league. The two officials working our game did an amazing job. They were consistent with their calls throughout the game and kept everything in check. I'm sure you don't usually have people going out of their way to compliment the officials, but if we could have them reffing the rest of our playoff games that would be FANTASTIC.
                - Ryan B., Bombers

Thanks for all of your hard work in running the league. I truly think that the AMHL is the premiere league in the city.
           - Mike F., Mavericks

We're loyal amhl'ers...  We switched our winter league this year, and everyone's pretty happy to be in the amhl full-time.
   - Craig N., Nor-Alta Canucks

Thanks again for another great season.  We had a blast, especially during the playoff drive.
Another great season with the officiating.  Lot's of positive feedback about the reffing in the playoffs in our room.
We have taken advantage of most of your sponsors offers such as Molsons points program and the Hudson's team sponsorship.  As well I know many of our players have been using the discount cards.  So thanks to all of your sponsors.
    - Bill Matthews, Hydro-Flo Bearcats

We have been with the AMHL for 6 winter season and 4 summer seasons. We have thoroughly enjoyed all of our campaigns   and appreciate the efforts made by the AMHL in making it the best recreational hockey league in the city. We are looking forward to our fourth summer season and are making plans for our 7th winter season.
           - Terry A., Filthy McNasty's

I just wanted to pass along some thanks from our players for another great season in the AMHL.  Not just because we won, but because we appreciate the hard work it takes to run the league so professionally.  Not one cancelled game, officials and time keepers at every game and only a limited amount of 11 pm starts! 

I am also proud of our team for taking very few penalties and I believe not one suspension this season, a big improvement over last year!

Right after our game on Saturday the guys were already talking about the upcoming winter season!
                - Cory M., Hydro-Flo Bearcats

It was a fantastic season, thanks for running the league in the way you do, it makes it incredibly enjoyable.
   - Brad M., Hydro-Flo Bearcats

I hear nothing but good things about the Alberta Men's Hockey League.
  - Joel C.

I thought the refs in our game last night did a very good job officiating the game.
They took the time to look up the correct ruling and made the correct call.  They also handled the matter in a respectful way in dealing with both sides of the altercation.
   - Ryan T., Punishers

The AMHL is by far the best experience compared to other leagues.
   - Tanner G.

Thanks again for a great season.
   - Steve F., Pylons

I'd like to just say thank you for the wonderful job you two do to run this league. The sponsors, the draws, and even the mobile site for smart phones do not go unnoticed. I believe you guys run the best league in Edmonton. Your hard work and dedication is awesome.
     - Beau D., Red Army

Great improvements! Being a team rep it is so much easier to run the team with  your new gamesheets and online registration. 
 - Lonny C. Crossbow Vipers

Thank you for a wonderful season and also for putting up with us...ha ha. Looking forward to being back next summer.
     - Jimmy W., Rage

Thanks so much guys! And we had a fantastic year with the AMHL! Very satisfied.
   - Ryan G. Team Gonzo

The AMHL has hosted our team for over ten years.  The team has become a tight knit group of players and great social outlet.  The league has been run efficiently and continues to listen to feedback from player reps and referees on how to make our experience better.  There really is no other league that offers the same quality of experience that the AMHL produces year after year.
             - David C., Electric Mayhem

The AMHL proved to exceed our new team the Bearcats expectations on how a organized Rec Hockey League operates.   Quality on & off ice officials, great schedule and icetimes at great facilities, and timely updated stats on the web!!  This league is the best at what it does in Edmonton.  Our entire roster is coming back for another year!!  Hopefully win the championship this time!
      - Bill M., Bearcats

It's been a real treat playing in a league that is run as smooth and professionally as one could hope for.  Believe me when I say not all mens leagues can boast that fact.  So thank you.
        - Jason D., Red Army