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AMHL Rules


The Alberta Men's Hockey League follows the Hockey Canada Official Playing Rules.  Additional rules that are specific to the league are documented in the AMHL rule book.

AMHL Rule Book

2017 (September) Rule Changes Summary

Previous Season Updates:

20151126: Effective Immediately - Forfeit Game Rule Change:

  • The forfeiting team will lose the game and be deducted an additional 2 points in the standing.

  • Less than 3 hours notice will result in a $100 fine which must be paid before the team's next game.

 See section 7-1 in the Rule Book for more details.

2015 (September) Rule Changes Summary

2014 (September) Rule Changes Summary

2013 (September) Rule Changes Summary

2012 (September) Rule Changes Summary

2011 (September) Rule Changes Summary

2011 (May) Rule Changes Summary

2010 Rule Changes Summary

The Alberta Men's Hockey League respects the rules and guidelines set out by our ice providers.  All hockey players in the AMHL are expected to adhere to these rules and guidelines. 

City of Edmonton Guidelines for Arena Use

City of Edmonton Rules for Patrons

Knights of Columbus Twin Arenas / Argyll Arena Rules and Regulations